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Sports, Commercial, Advertising, Editorial
London, UK and Europe
Sport, Advertising, Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer. I studied and I assisted learning the craft and the business at the sharp end. Working out of London and Europe I have been fortunate to shoot commissions that have come from my passion and execution of my portfolio work that has inspired agencies to employ my creative direction and photography to capture the brief. Clients such as Mercedes UK, Bompas and Parr, AMI, London Fashion Week to name a few I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love. My personal projects focusing on architecture and space, especially metaphoric display of architectural structure of my bodybuilding series of works. Performance within different territories and how they adopt the space surrounding them creates an influx of breaking boundaries which are often misconceived by audiences. My fine art practise keeps me inspired each day with ways of exploring more creative projects and generate more commissions and campaigns.
London, and International
- Present
Photographer and Videographer
MA Artist Film, Video and Photography

BA (Hons) Photography & Media Arts

BA (Hons) Graphic Design Visual Communications
Commissioned by Kent Association for the Blind, to capture 19 portraits of visual impaired people who are supported by the charity. The exhibition focused on raising the profile of the charity's cause and breaking the boundaries of societies misunderstanding of the types of people who suffer with visual impairment and how incredibly inspiring and independent they are as people. 19 portraits capture the sitter with an item representative of who they are as a person and objects that help them in their day to day lives.

The exhibition is currently touring across Kent.
Quote taken from exhibition:
"Andrews' art practice has involved an extension of this interest and she has been undertaking a long-term project of visual research though the use of photography and video documentation that captures the stance of the female bodybuilder and female figure competitors at bodybuilding competitions. Body/Builder features selected photographs of Rene Campbell rather than the photographer. They were shot in studio giving Andrews greater control over the display and representation of Campbell's competition-ready figure."

"On stage, competitors' physiques reach the pinnacle of their physical athleticism to create a new technological-self, through the containment of nature and idealised reconstruction of the female body."
BBC Comedy
I was commissioned by BBC to photograph Catherine Tate and Daniel Rigby for the comedy series Big School.

Images were used as part of the set interior, posters for Ms Tate's role as a teacher helping business applications and cv workshops

Daniel Rigby's portrait was used on set as his characters album cover.
Academic publications with top writers, contributing photography of my Bodybuilding series of work

"Critical Readings in Bodybuilding" - Adam Locks and Niall Richardson

"Strong and Hard Women" - An ethnography of female bodybuilding - Tanya Bunsell
British runner Jon Silman article featuring my photographic series of images commissioned by Dr. Tanya Bunsell
TRIP_Brazilian Magazine
TRIP is the leading magazine targeted to the young readers (18 to 45 years) and cover subjects related to behavior, non-conventional sports, ecology and arts (music, books, films, visual arts etc.)

Every month Trip prepares a special issue on different topics,
"Stomach/ Belly"

Introducing the series "Four Horseman of the Oesophagus"